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Carol Schoenborn Benefit Dinner Thank You

I'm writing this in regard's to the Benefit Dinner that was held for Carol
Schoenborn.  Thank Everyone that bought a dinner.  Especially for the Redby
Garage, for the repairs on her van which she will need.

Chi-mii-gwetch to everyone that helped out.

Diane May
The Eagle in front of the Red Lake Casino

Dear Michael Barrett,

Hello, my name is Todd Berget and I am a teacher in Libby Montana. The reason I
am contacting you is that I am one of the individuals that created your Eagle out
front of the casino. Darien Greason and I built it back in 1998 in Libby Montana.
We had sold it to Paul DeToni in West Glacier and recently found out it was sold
again and moved to Red Lake, Minn.  Just wanted to say hi and hope "Migizi"
draws positive attention for you guys. I work alone now and have since made 38
smaller eagles. I do not have a web site but a person can look online and see the
others I have made. Type "Todd Berget" on a search wagon and see a few.

Todd Berget
45 Plummer Rd.
Libby, MT. 59923