Mission Statement

The mission of Red Lake Net News (RLNN) is to objectively report, build, promote, and
provide quality news, timely information and entertainment–from a Native American
perspective–about American Indians on the Red Lake Indian Reservation and their friends
everywhere in the world. It will focus on the Internet Native Americans it can reach, with a
unique and intelligent Website offering everyone an Internet place to find information, read
about the current Red Lake news, while at the same time learn about other Native American
events worldwide.

Readers can read about an endless variety of topics, including Red Lake Tribal government
issues, state and federal legislation, health issues, people of the Red Lake Indian
Reservation and other Indian Communities, the schools and their students–just to mention a
few. And of course there are world-wide news events that are happening all around us all
the time. RLNN plans on featuring a summary of reporting by other news media both world-
wide and from other local Indian Communities, as well as links to their information.

Company Information

Red Lake Net News is a privately owned and operated company not affiliated with any other
private, non-profit, religious or governmental agency worldwide, founded and build by
Michael Barrett in September 2003.

This Website was first made possible through a Venture Fund grant from the Red Lake
Band of Chippewa Indians located on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Northern
Minnesota. Barrett is one Ojibwe Band member of the Red Lake Tribe, whose total
membership is over 10,000. Each member of the Red Lake Band owns, in common, the Red
Lake Indian Reservation, with a land and water base of over 1 million acres.

RLNN Policies

One of the policies of RLNN is to distribute all news and other information in a fair, impartial
and objective manner, except in the case of opinions by either the publisher or editor, or
with submitted material–although we would never change the content. All submitted material
is subject to editing for clarity, grammar, spelling, and anything which may be deemed
objectionable or offensive in nature. RLNN is geared to be acceptable by young children, as
well as our elders.

All content within these pages is also copyrighted material and any use of the material in any
form without the express consent of the owner is strictly prohibited. However, readers who
wish to print the information and photographs, may do so for their own viewing pleasure
only, and these copies are not to be distributed for profit in anyway. No photograph may be
sold or distributed without the consent of Red Lake Net News and is for private individual
use exclusively.

Contribute to RLNN

Red Lake Net News is all about you, the users. We provide news, information, and
resources about issues affecting Indian people because the more information and
knowledge we can acquire, the more informed and aware we will become, and the more we
will learn about issues that affect us.

With such a vast area to cover, RLNN realistically cannot cover everything. That is why we
will be asking you to contribute with your opinions, your ideas, and even your own articles on
some of the things you feel are important. We all have something important to say no matter
who we are, what we do, where we come from, and what we feel.

Red Lake Net News is going to need user submissions to create new resources for other
users. If you found a resource you feel should be added to the RESOURCES section in
RLNN, let us know and make a recommendation.RLNN does not do link exchanges with
other websites as a general rule, but may wave that depending on the particular site.

If you find news articles about Native American issues that you feel others would also be
interested in, send it to us and we will provide a link to it.

Ever thought about doing a little writing yourself? We welcome talented writers–and even
those just starting to write. Those writers who have became good writers all had to start
someplace. What better place to ‘break-in’ than on rlnn.com? The only way you will be
rejected is based on the content of the story–nothing obscene, vulgar, offensive in nature,
profane, etc. Just remember, children as well as the elderly are going to be logging on to
rlnn.com. If you wouldn’t want your 5-year-old, or your grandmother to read something you
wrote, why would we publish it either?

Not a writer but a photographer instead? Maybe a photojournalist? Send us your work and
we will certainly take a look at it.

RLNN is updated on a daily basis a minimum of 5 days per week, with the exception of some

We also appreciate you taking the time to visit us and contribute if you do. Tell your friends
about us, as well. If you like or dislike us, tell us that, too, and if you would, ‘why’ you feel
that way. We want to improve every day that RLNN is alive and well on the Internet.

Legal and Privacy notice for Red Lake Net News (rlnn.com) on the Internet.

Red Lake Net News is committed to protecting one’s privacy on-line.

General Privacy Issues

Red Lake Net News recognizes the privacy concerns of visitors to our site on the Internet
www.rlnn.com and www.rlnn.us and the importance of protecting the privacy of personally
identifiable information collected from them. As a general rule, no personally identifiable
information, such as a visitor’s name, address, email address, or telephone number, will be
readily available to everyone when it is collected on the Website. If such information is
collected, it is solely for contacting purposes only.

One exception to this rule is in the case of OPINIONS by our readers. Red Lake Net News
will not publish any such opinion without the express consent of the writer, and a name
‘must’ be attached to the opinion. Red Lake Net News feels that if you are willing to submit
an opinion about anything, if you are committed and believe in what that opinion is, then you
won’t have any reservations about including your name as the writer. (An unnamed
submission takes away its crediability.)

Your Personal Information

At some areas in our Website, Red Lake Net News allows users to send email, provide
feedback, and some other functions within the site. Red Lake Net News uses this information
only for the purpose specifically intended. Red Lake Net News does not collect, package,
sell, trade or otherwise distribute for commercial purposes the personal information provided
to it from users of the site. Red Lake Net News does not employ a user’s personal
information submitted to this site for research, advertising, marketing or sales purposes.

IP Addresses

Red Lake Net News does not save any information about its users’ IP addresses. IP
addresses typically are sent from the user’s browser to their service provider to the web
server the user is visiting and contain information about a user’s service provider, system
type and browser brand.

Requests for Advertising rates and information

Red Lake Net News may obtain information from a user when he or she requests information
on-line about the opportunities for advertising. Any submissions of these types become the
property of Red Lake Net News and may be used to solicit requests.


We have implemented technology and security policies, rules and measures to protect the
personal data that we have under our control from: unauthorized access, improper use,
alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction, and accidental loss.

Other Links to Sites not affiliated with rlnn.com

Red Lake Net News may establish relationships with business partners which allow visitors to
rlnn.com to ‘link’ or ‘click through’ to sites operated by these partners. In some cases, the
site may be branded or co-branded with the Red Lake Net News logo, however, the other
site is in no way operated, maintained or edited by Red Lake Net News. Red Lake Net News
is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of any third party sites that may be
linked to the Website of Red Lake Net News. Third party sites are covered by their own
privacy policies, and are in no way blanketed by the privacy policy of Red Lake Net News.

Terms and Conditions

Red Lake Net News is provided for your personal use only. The news, information and other
material on this site is copyrighted by Red Lake Net News of Red Lake, Minnesota, or by
other information providers who have licensed their content for electronic publication by Red
Lake Net News through special arrangements.

Users of this service may not reproduce, republish or redistribute material on Red Lake Net
News in any form without the express written consent of Red Lake Net News or the copyright
holder if that does not belong to Red Lake Net News.

Neither Red Lake Net News nor any of its information providers shall be liable in any way to
you or other parties for delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions in the material published
on rlnn.com.

By using this site, you also agree that you will not upload any copyrighted material to the site
without the consent of the copyright holder, except as otherwise stated.
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